“Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe”

U svibnju 2018. predstavljeno je tiskano izdanje – uz već postojeću digitalnu verziju – opsežne i sveobuhvatne Enciklopedije romantičnog nacionalizma u Europi na kojoj su s više priloga surađivali i autori i autorice iz Hrvatske.





“Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe” Book launch



On 16 May, from 15:00 to 17:30, the “Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe” will be launched at Central European University (Nador 9, Popper Room). The first copy will be presented by the Encyclopedia’s editor, Joep Leerssen of Amsterdam University, to the CEU rector, Michael Ignatieff.


The “Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe” (http://ernie.uva.nl) brings to fruition a major collaborative enterprise, involving 350 authors and covering countries and nationalist movements from Iceland to Azerbaijan. CEU has been an important collaborator in this project, which was funded by the Spinoza Award, the premier scientific prize in the Netherlands. CEU functioned as a Central-European hub for the Encyclopedia’s transnational macroregional scope and as a collaborator in the developing field of comparative and transnational history.


After the presentation, a Round Table will be held to discuss the project’s methodological and historical implications and its topical political relevance in today’s Europe. The Round Table, chaired by Balazs Trencsenyi, brings together panellists from various parts of the Continent: CEU affiliates Zsuzsa Sidó and Francesco La Rocca, and the Italian and Estonian historians Francesca Zantedeschi and Marek Tamm.








Launch events for ERNiE – the book



The Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe will be officially launched on 16 May at Central European University, Budapest. A Round Table will be held on the topic of Romantic Nationalism as a historical and a contemporary phenomenon and on its transnational analysis, and a first copy will be presented to CEU’s Rector, Michael Ignatieff.



Within The Netherlands, a launch event will be held on 4 June at Spui25 in Amsterdam, with José van Dijck (President, Royal Netherlands Academy of Science), Fred Weerman (Dean, Humanities Faculty, University of Amsterdam) and Michael Wintle (Director, Huizinga Institute).






The book version of the Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe has appeared with Amsterdam University Press.



Its 2 volumes contain 1200 articles with an extensive introduction on Romantic Nationalism, and accompanied by ca. 150 illustrations and indexes. Innovative design captures the intricate cross-referencing structure from the hyperlnks on the web version, while the book fomat affords an instant overview and browsable, haptic access to the complete Europe-wide coverage of cultural currents and nodal personalities.



ERNiE-the-book is intended as a “paper portal” to be used alongside the digital online version, and as its offline, portable, analogue extension.





Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe



This encyclopedia documents the presence and impact of nationalized cultural consciousness in European nationalism. It tracks how intellectuals, historians, philologists, novelists, poets, painters, folklorists, and composers, in an intensely collaborative transnational network, articulated the national identities and aspirations that would go on to determine European history and politics, with effects that are still felt today.



Edited by Joep Leerssen, in cooperation with almost 350 authors from dozens of countries, this encyclopedia gives a clear idea of the intricate (transnational and intermedial) networks and entanglements in which all aspects of Romantic Nationalism are connected.



This excellent encyclopedia is an extraordinarily rich source of information on the cultural background of nation-formation. Its sophisticated and effective system of cross-references allows it to go beyond earlier English-language surveys in mapping all European nations comprehensively, regardless of size or power, in both East and West. It is equally even-handed in analysing “Romantic Nationalism”, and the 19th-century national movements that were inspired by it, as motivated by an idealistic, Europe-wide cultivation effort for the improvement of national cultures (which I consider to form part of European values).Miroslav Hroch, Prague



Ambitious in its scope and as far as I can see, impeccable in its execution, the Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe is a major addition to earlier historical encyclopaedias. It will become indispensable to scholars in all the disciplines concerned with either nationalism or romanticism.Peter Burke, Cambridge



This vast encyclopedia is the essential resource for understanding the ethnocultural repertoires that [=] sought to define, indeed to create, the nations of Europe. Leerssen, [=] has drawn on a vast network of scholars to present the entire spectrum of cultural production-linguistic, literary, material, and performative-that nineteenth-century Europeans [=] mobilized to express their transcendent sense of national identity [=] [I]n a climate of renewed nationalist fervor, [=] all those who hope to understand the deep roots of European identity and identities in these challenging times will profit from the Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe.Patrick Geary, Princeton