CfP: Workshop “A Genealogy of Practices and Discourses of Inclusion and Exclusion in Istria since the 1960s”

This workshop invites researchers of all social sciences and humanities to present their research on Istria, starting from the 1960s until today, covering various aspects of inclusion and exclusion. The range of potential presentation topics is vast: migration movements towards Istria, regionalist political developments, national minorities in Istria, memory culture, everyday practices, relations between different groups within Istria, observations in the cultural sphere, economic aspects of the region, and, of course, any questions on ideology, identity and nationality in regard to Istria offer the possibility to study discourses and practices of inclusion and exclusion.

The workshop takes place in Pazin, Croatia, at the Ethnographic Museum of Istria on Wednesday, April 12th and Thursday, April 13th 2023.