Historiografsko mišljenje – Peter Burke o društvenoj ulozi povjesničara u pomaganju svojim sugrađanima da vide današnje probleme u dužoj povijesnoj perspektivi i time izbjegnu parohijalnost

“Historians have made only a relatively small contribution to the general discussion, less than they could or should have made, since one of the social functions of historians is surely to help their fellow-citizens to see the problems of the present in a long-term perspective and so to avoid parochialism.

Parochialism in space is well known: a sharp division between Us, the members of one’s community, and Them, everyone else. However, there is also parochialism in time, a simple contrast between ‘our’ age and the whole of an undifferentiated past. We need to try to escape this limited view, in this case to see the digital revolution that we are experiencing today as the latest in a whole series of knowledge revolutions.”

Peter Burke, What is the History of Knowledge?, Polity Press, 2016, str. 5.