International Conference “Art history and discourse on the centre and periphery ‒ An homage to Ljubo Karaman (1886‒1971)”

Zagreb, 19 – 21 May 2022 Trg bana Jelačića 3/1 (DAZ, UHA) online stream DPUH YouTube channel Programme and book of abstracts Thursday, 19 May 2022 9:30 welcome speech / Zvonko Maković, President of the Croatian Society of Art Historians 9:40 session 1 Magdalena Kunińska An entangled case of „style” problem in Central-Eastern Europe: between central model and local strategies for self-identification Alison McQueen Entangled Interdependence: Paris, French Provinces and Colonies in the mid-nineteenth century Cristiano Guarneri, Ines Ivić Different perspectives on the centre-periphery paradigm: Karaman and Castelnuovo-Ginzburg in comparison Vladimir Peter Goss Ljubo Karaman and the art of Croatian space Discussion 11:20 session 2 Katja MahničFrance Stele (1886-1972), Monument Protection Office in Ljubljana and the Question of Method Ivan Braut, Krasanka Majer JurišićKaraman and Szabo on “descended value” of monuments and preservation of historical character of Šibenik and Rab Sigrid BrandtCreative monument preservation and continuing to build on monuments Discussion 13:40 session 3 Dražen Arbutina Peripheral architecture and architecture on the periphery Konrad MorawskiArt for Polish Magnates or European Aristocrats? Antonija MlikotaThe architecture, heritage and monuments protection under Fascist government in Zadar Mariana Pinto dos SantosThe constraints of writing art history in a peripheral dictatorship in the twentieth century – José-Augusto França’s master narrative in Portugal Discussion 15:20 session 4 Zoi GodosiPeriphery, Province, Borderline: the case of a local “Art World” in Florina (Greece) Mina Radovanović Painting the periphery for the centre: orientalist works by Paja Jovanović created for western audiences Lidija Merenik The local, ethnographic, oriental motif in the folk portraits by Nadežda Petrović and Zora Petrović Miona MuštraInflecting the Canon: teaching national art history to international students Discussion 17:00 end of Day 1 Friday 20th May 9:20 session 5 Giuseppe AndolinaCenter vs periphery in the Stato da Mar: the public architecture and artistic production in the 15th century Eastern Adriatic Karla Papeš What is the centre for the circulation of early modern fortification knowledge? Laris Borić The applicability and the transformative nature of Karaman’s notions of peripheral/provincial in Dalmatian Cinquecento Petar StrunjeInterpreting mosque to church conversion in Dalmatia Discussion 11:00 session 6 Angelo Maria MonacoRefining a vernacular idiom. Read more

CFP: Introduction to Conceptual History 2022

In August 2022 the annual summer school “Introduction to Conceptual History” will be offered by the Centre for Nordic Studies at the University of Helsinki. In­tro­duc­tion to Con­cep­tual His­tory:  Summer school for PhD students and advanced level Master’s degree students 15 August–26 August 2022  Centre for Nordic Studies, University of Helsinki In August 2022 the annual summer school “Introduction to Conceptual History” will be offered by the Centre for Nordic Studies at the University of Helsinki. Read more
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