Workshop “Researching the Business History of East and Southeast Europe”

Institut ekonomskih nauka iz Beograda i Institut za studije istočne i jugoistočne Europe iz Regensburga organiziraju 5. srpnja 2024. međunarodni znanstveni skup “Researching the Business History of East and Southeast Europe”.

Plenarno predavanje “Business History in Yugoslavia: Themes, Sources and Approaches in an Emerging Field” održat će Vladimir Unkovski Korica (University of Glasgow) .

„This workshop aims to explore the interactions between business entities and the political and cultural dimensions of society in East and Southeast Europe in the past. We welcome presentations that adopt a case study approach or engage in discussions about methodological issues and the availability of sources in business history research. While our primary focus is on business history, we recognize the important role of industrial heritage in understanding the region’s economic development. Thus, one of the main goals of this workshop is to feature interdisciplinary contributions that explore the complex relationship between business, industrial development, and social dynamics in the context of East and Southeast Europe.“