What’s Left of Marxism: Historiography and the Possibilities of Thinking with Marxian Themes and Concepts

Edited by Benjamin Zachariah , Lutz Raphael and Brigitta Bernet

Have Marxian ideas been relevant or influential in the writing and interpretation of history? What are the Marxist legacies that are now re-emerging in present-day histories? This volume is an attempt at relearning what the “discipline” of history once knew – whether one considered oneself a Marxist, a non-Marxist or an anti-Marxist.

Benjamin Zachariah, University of Trier; Lutz Raphael, University of Trier; Brigitta Bernet, University of Basel.



Benjamin Zachariah, Lutz Raphael and Brigitta Bernet

Part One: Marxism and the Intellectual Production of History

Smoke from the Volcanoes of Marxism?

Jakob Tanner

The Postwar Marxist Milieu of Microhistory

Brigitta Bernet

Antonio Gramsci’s Moment of Arrival in India

Benjamin Zachariah

The Science Problem in Marxism

Kavita Philip

Part Two: Marxism and the Pre-Modern Worlds of the Near East and North Africa

Marxist Historiography and the Ancient Near East

Mohammed Maraqten

Maḥmūd Ismāʿīl and his Historical-Materialist Approach to the History of the Medieval Islamic World

Amar S. Baadj

Part Three: Marxism and the Beginnings of Western Capitalism

Reading Marx in the Divergence Debate

Nasser Mohajer and Kaveh Yazdani

The Renewal of Marxist Historiography through the Study of Enslavement

Jorge Grespan

Part Four: Marxism and the Study of the Contemporary World

Farewell to Class?

Lutz Raphael

Marx and Today’s Global History

Matthias Middell

Marx, Globalisation and the Reserve Army of Labour

Preben Kaarsholm

Biographical Notes