Second Call for the Free CEU/IUFU Online Course on the Balkans

We are hereby inviting interested participants to enroll in an international, CEU hosted, online course about the Western Balkans. The course is free, attendees have a weekly online seminar and the ability to apply for a small research grant (500 Eur) if they wish to write a short research paper by the end of the course. The deadline for applicants is extended until September 20. Interested students should send their CV and a short (200-300 words) motivation letter to Vladimir Petrovic at by September 20, 2023.

Justification: Aiming to revive the tradition of Flying Universities, which was filling the gaps of formal education in our part of the world for decades, we developed a course Western Balkans: Imperial Legacies, Nation-Building, State (Dis)integration (4 ECTS credits), organized by the Institute for Democracy of the Central European University and partners from the region. The course will be offered online, starting from October 1, and consisting of weekly interactive lectures and mentoring sessions held in late afternoon.

The course is part of a wider initiative Invisible University for Ukraine | Central European University ( which proved to be very useful for students of humanities and social sciences. The students are encouraged to partake in other courses too, should they fit their interests. We are particularly pointing out Academic English classes and Advanced Academia courses as relevant additions to their academic portfolio.

For a detailed information about the course content, schedule and lecturers, please follow this link.