Workshop “Dynamics of Emigration, Epistemic Repercussions. Émigré scholars and the production of historical knowledge in the age of extremes”

U Bochumu se od 19. do 21. rujna 2019. održava međunarodni znanstveni skup “Dynamics of Emigration, Epistemic Repercussions. Émigré scholars and the production of historical knowledge in the age of extremes” na kojem iz Hrvatske sudjeluje Branimir Janković, a iz Srbije Michael Antolović.



Contemporary historical studies, looking into the past of émigré scholars, favour in principal biography as form. It is thus the biography as concept as well as narrative structure that largely informs the design, in which the life of scholars, most often men and less often women, is depicted and their intellectual development represented.

The objective of the workshop is to go beyond the biographic design. The workshops aims to reach this goal by addressing two inextricably interlinked questions: The first questions is as to how more generally social and cultural dimensions influenced, if not informed, émigré scholarship. The second question concerns the ramifications resulting from such dynamics of emigration: How did emigration affect and influence research and knowledge production in the discipline of history? How did emigration inform and ultimately change the field of historical research as well as institutions of research?

In order to extend our scope and understanding of the history of émigré scholars, both thematically and methodically, the workshop draws on questions and notions that attracted less attention so far, and it deliberately borrows from concepts and observations in the social history of sciences, the history of historiography and the new history of sciences.




Thursday, September 19, 2019
1.15pm-1.45pm: Reception

1.45pm: Introduction
Philipp Müller (Bochum) / Stefan Berger (Bochum),
Welcome & Introductory remarks.
Les faux amis. Intellectual alienation and 20th century history of émigré scholarship

2.15pm-3.15pm: Keynote
Chair: Stefan Berger (Bochum)
Jo Tollebeek (Leuven),
From Goethe to Manhattan, and back. Cosmopolitanism and nostalgia in the émigré historian’s persona Discussion

3.45pm-5pm: Institutional Politics
Chair & Comment: Nicola Brauch (Bochum)
Joseph Malherek (Montreal),
New Forms of social research in exile. Central European émigré scholars and their American sponsors, 1933-45
Kai Johann Willms (München),
Between Integration and institutional Self-organisation. Polish Exile Historiography in the US 1939-1989

5pm-6.30pm: New traditions of historical scholarship
Chair & Comment: Philipp Müller (Bochum)
Yonatan Shiloh-Dayan (Jerusalem),
German Answers to Israeli Questions? Émigré historians in Israel
Philipp Stelzel (Pittsburgh),
History after Hitler. A Transatlantic Enterprise


Friday, September 20, 2019
8.30-10.00am: Discourses of Exile
Chair & Comment: Henning Trüper (Helsinki)
Antoon De Baets (Groningen),
The dictator’s long arm: Cross-border censorship of exile historians
Vilmos Erös (Debrecen),
Exile and Discourse. The case of Hungarian historiography

10.15am-12.30pm: Conflicts and Chances
Chair & Comment: Peter Schöttler (Berlin)
Iryna Mykhailova (Göttingen),
Defending Objectivity. Paul Oskar Kristeller and the controversy on historical knowledge in the United States
Christophe Araujo (Cergy-Pointoise),
Exiled Portuguese historians in France at the time of the Annales. New ways to think and write Portuguese history

2pm-4.15pm: Persona and Gender
Chair & Comment: Chris Lorenz (Amsterdam)
Herman Paul (Leiden),
The Émigré Historian: A Scholarly Persona?
Beata Halicka (Poznan),
Polish émigré scholars in the USA as actors of the cold war period
Judith Szapor (Montreal),
Gender and age in the unlikely career of Laura Polanyi (1882-1959)

4.30-6.45pm: Scholarly Micropolitics
Chair & Comment: Stefan Berger (Bochum)
Michael Antolovic (Novi Sad, Serbien),
Networking in Santa Barbara, writing history. Dimitrije Đorđević and the comparative history of the Balkan nations
Olof Bortz (Stockholm University),
Raul Hilberg. Scholarly contacts and studies into the history of the holocaust
Branimir Jankovic (Zagreb),
Building new networks. Russian émigré scholars in Yugoslavia

Saturday, September 21, 2019
9.00-10.30am: Loss, Challenges and Coping Strategies
Chair & Comment: Jo Tollebeek (Leuven)
Shuxi Yin (Hefei),
Coping with trauma in exile. Chinese émigré intellectuals
Ohad Reiss Sorokin (Princeton),
Thinking outside the circle. The emigration of the Geistkreis

10.45am-12.15 pm
Comment: Zi-Jian Li (Bochum)
Efi Gazi (Peloponnese),
Trajectory of national images, home and belonging in Argyris Eftaliotis’ Histories
Sergio Campos Matos (Lissabon),
António Sérgio and José Ortega y Gasset. History, Theory and Experiences of exile

12.15-12.45pm: Final Discussion & Resume
Philipp Müller (Bochum) / Stefan Berger (Bochum), Final Remarks.