Tomislav Matić, “Bishop John Vitez and Early Renaissance Central Europe: The Humanist Kingmaker”

This comprehensive biography of John Vitez, an instrumental figure of the Early Renaissance, presents a complex picture of cultural, political, and religious developments in Central Europe through one man’s life. Drawing on close study of Vitez’s writings and his various political and artistic networks of influence, Tomislav Matić demonstrates the wide scope of this church leader’s involvement in late medieval Central Europe. Not only were Vitez’s writings a catalyst for the introduction of humanism across the region, he was a patron of the arts, an avid astrologer, a master diplomat, and even a kingmaker, thus central to both political and cultural developments.


1. Instruments of Power

2. A Turbulent Priest

3. A Patron of the Arts

4. In High Places

5. A Petulant Prelate

6. The Light of Pannonia


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Tomislav Matić works at the Croatian Institute of History. He has participated in research projects funded by the University of Oxford, the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Croatian Science Foundation, and is the author of several books and articles on Croatian history. He has recently been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship. This is his first book in English.