Marko Jerković (ed.), “Institutional Aspects of Church and Social History”

Znanstveni kolokvij Institutional aspects of the church history: Croatian-Hungarian contributions (colloquium) održan je na Hrvatskim studijima 29. svibnja 2018.

Institutional aspects of Church and Social History, ed. Marko Jerković (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Croatian Studies, May 2021)



I. Concepts and Structures

Péter Báling — Rivalry Among Friends. The Amicitia Phenomenon in the Monarchy of the Árpáds During the 11th and 12th Centuries

Marko Jerković — Humility and Conversion in the Cistercian Observance: Positioning Personal Spirituality Within Institutional Functionality

Rudolf Barišić — Narrative Experience of the Other – the Case of Bosnian Catholicism

II. Representation

Gergely Kiss — Papal Representation in Hungary in the 14th Century: Some Methodological Remarks

Ágnes Maléth — Papal Delegates in the Hungarian Kingdom during the Reign of Charles I (1301–1342)

Gábor Barabás — Clerics of the Papal Curia and the Realm of Saint Stephen in the Fourteenth Century

III. Authority and Local Organisation

Monika Đurak — The Church as the Instrument of Power – the Role of Zagreb’s Bishop Eberhard in the Politics of King Sigismund of Luxembourg

Petra Vručina — Imposing Identity: The Case of Zagreb Chapter’s and Bishop’s Conditional Landholders in the Late Middle Ages

Ivana Jukić — The “Privatisation” of the Church Organisation During the 17th Century in Croatia: Research Thoughts and Suggestions