(Online Event) After we Burnt Villages – Reading Film as History

In this Lecture we will explore the ways in which we can read film as history. The overarching question that we seek to answer is: How can we understand the context (off-screen space) through the film?

In order to answer this question, we shall focus on the films produced during the 1990s conflict on the territory of former Yugoslavia. Through an analysis of film language (mise-en-scene, symbols, images, montage, sound and music, camera movement) we will assess the representations of the films’ ideological context.

Before we turn to the analysis of the films, the historical development of the Yugoslav cinema will be presented. Then, we will look at the selected films/scenes and analyse the film language, to finally discuss the relationship between the on-screen (what we see in the film) and off-screen space (what we do not see, the surrounding political context).

The link to the event will be emailed to registered attendees!

Centre for the Study of the Balkans, Goldsmiths

Wed, 18 November 2020

20:00 – 21:30 CET