Nationhood and Politicization of History in School Textbooks: Identity, the Curriculum and Educational Media. Edited by Gorana Ognjenović and Jasna Jozelić

This book explores how school history textbooks are used to perpetuate nationalistic policies within divided regions. Exploring the ‘divide and rule’ politics across ex-Yugoslav successor states, the editors and contributors draw upon a wide range of case studies from across the region. Textbooks and other educational media provide the foundations upon which the new generation build understanding about their own context and the events that are creating their present. By promoting nationalistic politics in such media, textbooks themselves can be used as tools to further promote and preserve ongoing hostility between ethnic groups following periods of conflict. This edited collection will appeal to scholars of educational media, history education and post-conflict societies. 

Table of contents

Foreword: Sarajevo in the Twentieth Century, or, the Manufacture of European History

Madelain, Anne

Nationhood and the Politicization of History in School Textbooks

Ognjenović, Gorana (et al.)

The Ideologization of History Education and Textbooks in Slovenia (Yugoslavia) During Socialism, 1945–1990

Režek, Mateja

Ideological Changes in the History Textbooks of Montenegro

Knežević, Saša (et al.)

Kosova Under Yugoslavia (1945–1999) in the History Textbooks of Kosova and Serbia

Gashi, Shkëlzen

History, Identity, and Curricula: Public Debates and Controversies Over the Proposal for a New History Curriculum in Croatia

Koren, Snježana

Phantoms of Neverland: The Tale of Three+ History Textbooks in Croatia

Ognjenović, Gorana

Where and How Do Pupils in Serbia Learn About the 1990s Yugoslav Wars?

Šuica, Marko (et al.)

To Believe or Not to Believe: Current History Textbooks in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Šimić, Goran

The Most Golden Age: A Discourse Analysis of Representations of Medieval Bosnia in Secondary-School History Textbooks in the Federation of BiH

Fetahagić, Sead S.

Teaching History with an Ethno-Nationalistic Approach: History Textbooks in the Education System of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jozelić, Jasna

The Myth of Victimization in Macedonian History Textbooks (1991–2018)

Stojanov, Darko (et al.)

Southeast Europe in History Textbooks: A Variety of Selective Perceptions

Štimac, Zrinka


Ognjenović, Gorana (et al.)


Rutar, Sabine

About the authors

Gorana Ognjenović is Research Fellow at the University of Oslo, Norway.

Jasna Jozelić is a PhD candidate at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, Norway. ​