The Age and the Culture of the Baroque fellowship program 2020

The Age and the Culture of Baroque Fellowship Program, in memory of Rosaria Cigliano – 8th CALL – 2020 EDITION –

In line with the Program on the Age and the Culture of Baroque and in a wider effort to support research in Humanities, in 2020 Fondazione 1563 has launched a competition for five Fellowship grants for advanced studies on the Age and the Culture of Baroque. The theme of research proposals for the 2020 competition is:


The 2020 Fellowships made available by Fondazione 1563 will focus on proposals concerning the study of Baroque through or thanks to digital means in a global historical perspective, with special emphasis on the exchanges that have led to the creation of a globalized world.

Deadline 31st August 2020 (midnight Italian time/CET) – OPEN

The list of winners will be published no later than 30 November 2020.

Fondazione 1563 – Torino