The Practice of Global History: European Perspectives. Edited by Matthias Middell

Globalna epidemija koronavirusa još je jedna potvrda neizbježnih globalnih odjeka i međusobne povezanosti svega onoga što se na političkim, društvenim, ekonomskim i drugim razinama događa u svijetu, stoga i dalje nastavljamo upućivati na nove knjige o globalnoj povijesti.


The Practice of Global History

European Perspectives

Editor(s): Matthias Middell

Published: 22-08-2019

Extent: 232

Imprint: Bloomsbury Academic



About The Practice of Global History

Over recent decades, almost every area of historical study has seen its global turn – from consumption to finance, from politics to migration, from social order to cultural patterns. This volume reflects the vibrant state of global history scholarship in Europe and examines to what extent global history is practiced and conceptualised distinctively within Europe.

Drawing together contributions from scholars from France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the UK, the book offers a sweeping overview of the state of the field. In particular, the contributors look at histories of colonialism and imperial expansion, knowledge circulation and mobility across borders.

This book reflects the diversity of current scholarship on global and transnational history and will offer important insights for anyone interested in understanding the cutting edge of research in this area.


Table of contents

  1. European Perspectives in Global History? Recent Development in Practicing Global History across the European Continent (Matthias Middell, University of Leipzig, Germany)
    2. Cultural Transfer and Global History – Findings from Recent French Research (Michel Espagne, CNRS Paris, France)
    3. Paris: A Transnational Metropolis (Christophe Charle, University Paris I, France)
    4. Microstoria and Global History (Romain Bertrand, Science Po, Paris, France)
    5. Challenges of Transcultural History Writing (Madeleine Herren, University of Basel, Switzerland)
    6. The Socialist World in Global History: From Absentee to Victim to Co-Producer (James Mark and Tobias Rupprecht, University of Exeter, UK)
    7. Russia in Global History (Alessandro Stanziani, EHESS Paris, France)
    8. Where Do We Stand with Global Labor History (Marcel van der Linden, IISH Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
    9. 20th Century Demographic Change in Global History Writing (Attila Melegh, Corvinus University Budapest, Hungary)
    10. Africa and African Studies from a French Perspective (Catherine Cocqery-Vidrovitch, University Paris VII, France)
    Conclusion (Matthias Middell, University of Leipzig, Germany)



“A relevant and timely text that duly emphasizes the centrality of approach in the practice of global history.” –  Pertti Haapala, Professor of History and Director of HEX (Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in the History of Experiences), Tampere University, Finland


Matthias Middell is Professor of Global History and Director of the Global and European Studies Institute at the University of Leipzig, Germany. He is the co-editor of The Routledge Companion to the French Revolution in World History (2015) and co-author of Transnational Challenges to National History Writing (2013).